High quality guide for one person shop.

 High quality guide for one person shop.


Massages can relax your body, helping you heal from mild headaches to insomnia, depression, lack of sleep, and lethargy, and gain emotional stability. In particular, massaging before going to bed is effective in relieving stress and stabilizing nerves. In addition, massages clean every corner of the body and excrete waste to make the body healthier and slimmer, and toxins are discharged and oxygen is supplied smoothly to enhance the body's immune function.

It heals muscle fatigue and pain.

Massage not only facilitates communication between stagnant tiles in one place but also improves activity by releasing muscle stiffness by applying physical force to tense muscles to relax them without roughness. It also helps treat severe pain such as mild shoulder pain, neuralgia, and disc.

It removes swelling from the body and relieves constipation.

Massages are effective in removing swelling from single-person shops in the body. If your face is swollen in the morning, you can relieve edema by pressing the ceiling during neck acupuncture. In addition, continuous massaging of Daehoong makes bowel movements more active, which is effective in treating constipation http://edition.cnn.com/search/?text=massage. In this way, massages improve the function of the body, from instant swollen faces to edema and constipation caused by accumulation of moisture and fat.

It improves body function by discharging waste.

Massage simply discharges waste from the body, relieving skin problems caused by toxins and improving body function. Uniquely, it activates the flow of blood, helping to heal skin wrinkles, freckles, and skin problems, and clearing the complexion.

Yoga massage, chair massage, and so on.

Massage is the etymology of "Marsh" in Greek, "Hand" in Latin, "Marsh" in Arabic, and "Hand" in Hebrew. In other words, massages play a role in helping people heal diseases and relieve fatigue by applying forces such as stroking, pressing, and kneading their skin using hands (sometimes feet) or special instruments these days.

General 천안마사지 massage can be divided into relaxation massage, sports massage, rehabilitation massage, and beauty massage. Relaxation massage is the most familiar massage, which relieves fatigue and helps relieve stress through relaxation. Sports massage is conducted before and after the match or during practice to promote performance and prevent injuries, and rehabilitation massage has the effect of helping the human body recover quickly after injury or procedure.

Beauty massage plays a role in making the appearance beautiful by changing the irregular appearance of the skin like subcutaneous fat. The trend of massage a few days ago is to break away from massages fixed in a certain frame and use water or machines, or to use various tools such as stones, cushions, and chairs. Enjoying massages in a way to relieve children's development and stress, give specific massages for diet and strong skin, or to create efficient physical functions related to work. In addition, yoga massage methods, which allow both yoga and massage by kneading and tapping yoga movements, are gaining popularity these days.

It's more efficient if you follow the order of foot, hand, leg, back, and belly.

The order of massage is important. First, it is recommended to start far from the heart and massage close to the heart. In other words, it is in the order of foot-hand-leg-back-bae. Second, massage from the point to the line and from the line to the side. In the case of arm massage, you should pick up your arm with your thumb and index finger, rub it long in the front downward, and finally sweep it all over your palm. Third, the direction in which the vein flows, that is, the direction of the heart or the direction of the lymph node, so that the oxygen-deficient venous blood circulates smoothly. In oriental medicine, if the flow of tiled blood is not active, pain occurs. The area where the pain is particularly felt when stimulating the acupuncture is negative, which can alleviate symptoms through a not-difficult massage. However, be careful because massage can backfire if you press or touch it too hard.


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